How To Identify Quality Leads In Digital Marketing

So what is it?

Here you just have to observe 2 things, yes you read it right, just 2 things.
1) When you get a requirement seeking for quotation straight away, it is clearly identified it is not a classified lead.

Let us explain!!!

How often you have dealt with the prospect who seeks for a quotation. Do you remember, when is the last time you have cracked the business who seeks quotation straight away? I hope 99% of the answer is NO.
It is as simple as you analyze it in a general way, the prospect who is seeking for quotation might be from any of the digital marketing agency to know how the market works or it might be another way was the prospect could be shortlisting the agencies who offer lesser price or it’s another form of tactics in which agencies tend to get quotes from the organizations to prepare the best of it But to keep in mind the lesser you offer the value of the market is decreased.
2) When the prospect sends the requirement/asks to schedule a call/ requests to send the proposal and the services we offer, are the classified leads. Yes, these leads are the classified leads which can be converted but now it depends on the agency/organization/candidate how do they deal with it and crack the business.


Steps to consider on how to convert the classified leads.

1) Understand the prospect requirement
2) Understand the prospect business services
3) Do a research analysis
4) Prepare a proposal with the plan of action including your services, client’s name, Testimonials, etc.
5) Send an email with your company profile and proposal.
6) Wait for the prospect to reply to the proposal, this will allow you to know whether the prospect is interested in your business solution. If you haven’t received any response do a follow-up call/email.
7) Once you get the response, appreciate their response and send them the quotation/draft it as per their response, rest it depends on how you close the deal according to your business benefits.

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.

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